Image of a caribbena beach with white sand and palm trees as seen through the door of a rustic restaurant. Two people in the background are embracing.

The Love Audit

Caribbean Romance Series

She’s primed. She’s focused. She has the book! But Rhonda Burnham’s determination to manage her mid-life crisis is in peril when she meets Alejandro, a 37 Dominican Casanova, a man with a plan and her soulmate.

Rhonda Burnham, a 50+ forensic accountant, has had enough. Dealing with a mid-life crisis from the aftermath of her husband’s betrayal and not getting a Senior Partner position — again — she wants to change her life and her career. She’s got the book, and she’s going to do it. She meets Alejandro Montas, a handsome hotelier, when she arrives to perform a business valuation on his uncle’s Dominican Republic resort, La Opulencia. Love and men are no longer a part of her life. Or so she tries to convince herself. But Alejandro’s old-world chivalry, kindness, and this uncanny feeling they are soul-mates are hard to ignore.

Alejandro Montas, 37, wants to own his uncle’s resort, La Opulencia, and create a high-class chain of resorts. His uncle, however, is reluctant to sell and keeps throwing up roadblocks to Alejandro’s dreams. Love is the last thing on Alejandro’s mind. Jilted by the love of his life, he vowed never to love again. His number one rule: keep dalliances short, sweet, and uncomplicated. His determination wavers, however, when he meets Rhonda, the perfect Madonna and the lover he realizes he has had in past lives.